The history of newspaper

Do you know how the current newspaper was made?
I am good at history, but I do not know the history of the newspaper.
I will teach you.
 There was a newspaper in Edo era(1600~1868)!

The first time a newspaper was made wasEdo era.

but when this newspaper printied,machine was not use.

This is kawaraban in 1853 about the arrival of Perry in Japan

Information was written in detail from that time in the same way as now.

For example,This picture's "フレカット".

It is look like"ノレカット".
but It is "フレカット".
"フレカット" means small ship.

As written in this way, the reader knows what type of ship came.

Also, what is written is very accurate.

From this time on, there was a mechanism to make newspaper like now.

 Hamada hikozou and "foreign newspaper"
Hamada hikozou made a newspaper for the first time by civilians.

newspaper was said to be "foreign newspaper".

As "foreign newspaper" was made in Yokohama, Yokohama is the origin of the newspaper.

This newspaper finished with part 26.

 Yokohama Daily news paper appeared

"Yokohama daily newspaper" was first published on January 28, 1871

Mainichi Shimbun has also been issued, characters are also written in printing type, and Western paper has also been used for paper.

It became duplex printing and became known as a modern type newspaper.

In the 1870s, a newspaper company which still remains is born.

In 1874 "Yomiuri Newspaper" ,In 1879"Asahi Newspaper"

Besides, about 1000 to 2000 newspaper companies were born in Japan,from small ones to big ones.

 Newspaper in the era of war

During the Meiji era,many wars occurred all over the world.

The newspaper convey the state of war, and was bought by many people.

Using the money earned during that time,
the newspaper company set the foundation for future management,
and the newspaper company like now has gone up.

Did you understand how the current newspaper was made?
Yup! Can I become a newspaper PhD?
I do not know. (Bitter smile)