The issue of the newspaper

Bunpakun, do you know the circulation of Japanese newspapers?
I don't know.
Look at this graph.

The number of copies in Japanese newspapers is second in the statistics of 2016.

This means that there are one in three.

Also the penetration rate of newspapers is second in the world.

I see! It's issued so much.
Look at this graph.

The circulation of newspaper publications is decreasing every year.
Is that so? Why does it decrease?
This is an individual opinion, but I think that the good point of the newspaper is not known to young people so much.
Is that so. Certainly I do not even understand the good points of the newspaper.
I will tell you.
The good points of the newspaper are roughly divided into three.

1.Know the importance of news at a glance

2.Information is accurate

3.It will deliver every day

 Know the importance of news at a glance

A newspaper can be called an inverted triangle structure and write the most important thing in the headline.

A detailed explanation is written in the text.So you can read the text only by looking at the headline.

It takes time to read all newspapers, but it does not take much time just by reading the headline.

 Information is accurate

The accuracy of information is important in newspapers. So it carefully check the facts.

Information that has received a lot of checks in this way is delivered to us.

So the newspaper is accurate information. If a wrong article comes out, a corrected article will appear.

 It will deliver every day

The newspaper will be delivered from the local dealer to the person who ordered.

I will receive the newspaper while staying at home because it delivers every day whether it is rainy.

There are so many good things in the newspaper like this.
It is amazing!
But it is a waste that do not know that there are such good points.
It is a future task to have people know more about the good newspaper.